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About Us

The Higgins family - Graceful Care

We are very excited and blessed to be able to start this venture in our life. But to be fair to you, we think it is very important you know us. When you or your family members are making life changing decisions, we want to ensure you are making the right decision with Graceful Care.
My wife and I started thinking about our business three years ago but was uncertain about the unknown. But through prayer, we know this is where we belong. Our main focus in life, is to take care of others and make sure our residents are in a home setting. There are a lot of facilities that can accommodate you or your loved ones but not many that can say it is your home. That is what we are promising…Our business is your home.
My wife, Grace Higgins and I have been married since 2010. She has lived in Clarkesville for ten years and I have lived here all my life. There is no other place in the world like Clarkesville. It has been voted one of the top retirement communities in the United States. It is a small town with a warm and welcoming feel.
Grace is a nurse and has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 plus years. Throughout her career, she has specialized in senior citizens. I have been in leadership and marketing for 20 plus years so I understand how to successfully run a business. We have two wonderful children, one is working full-time, and the other one works at Graceful Care and attends college. We attend The Torch Worship Center and our main hobby is to spend time with each other.
I hope this gives you some comfort on who could be taking care of you or your family members. We are simple people that want to ensure you or your family members are being taken care of in a home setting.
Thank you for reading a little bit about us.
Your Home, Not a Facility
Jeff Higgins